5 Best Admin Webflow Templates in 2024

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June 19, 2024
5 Best Admin Webflow Templates in 2024

When indulged in developing a website, you can’t overlook one crucial aspect, i.e., the admin panel. Serving as a user-friendly control center, an optimally developed admin panel is the cornerstone of maintaining your website’s critical aspects, from managing content to analyzing key site metrics.

So, how can you create a functional, visually appealing, and easy-to-navigate admin panel with little to no coding knowledge? Admin Webflow Templates is your ideal solution for building a powerful admin panel.

These templates provide a solid foundation, offering customizable layouts, pre-built components, and modern design elements tailored for administrative dashboard purposes. They can streamline the development process! All you need to focus on is enhancing your project's functionality and aesthetics without starting from scratch.

Continue reading to explore the five best admin Webflow templates that can elevate your admin panel to professional standards.

What are the Best Admin Webflow Templates?

1. Plath
2. MoneyFarm
3. Artboard
4. Supply
5. SociaMetric

1. Plath

Plath – Admin Webflow Template

When searching for an admin Webflow template to build a cutting-edge site without investing much time and effort, just browse the Plath template. The template allows you to create an intuitive admin website to divert visitors’ attention to your SaaS products and ensure no prospect leaves without clicking a CTA.

Moreover, when exploring the template, you will find dozens of attractive, interactive sections that justify your administration and product needs.

Key Features

  • Seamless User Experience: Plath ensures visitors enjoy fast, responsive browsing across all devices, keeping them engaged and satisfied.
  • Dynamic Interactions and Graphics: Turn your admin website from static to dynamic with Plath’s smooth interactions and delightful graphics.
  • Versatile and Flexible Content: You can leverage the template’s versatile content sections to demonstrate your products’ advantages.
  • Comprehensive Setup Support: Capitalize on the Webflow’s style guide and the template’s utility pages for easy adaptation and publication. Even Plath boasts 404 pages that are designed to fit your theme seamlessly.
  • Customizable Contact Form: You can capture essential visitor information and stay in touch with your best customers using the template’s customizable contact form.

Pricing: Plath template is available for $79.

Browse the Plath template now!

2. MoneyFarm

MoneyFarm – Admin Webflow Template

Do you want to create the next FinTech web app or admin panel for your business and are looking for an admin Webflow template? MoneyFarm - a responsive admin template by Webflow is ideal for your next fintech software, web application, or admin panel project.

A modern and minimalist dashboard UI Kit, MoneyFarm is crafted to help users build a sophisticated, professional-looking admin site. 

Key Features

  • Stylish and Innovative Design: MoneyFarm boasts a sleek, contemporary design suitable to create a well-functioning, beautiful admin panel for fintech projects.
  • Complete Responsiveness: Whether accessed via desktop, mobile, or tablet, the admin website created via MoneyFarm adapts seamlessly to any device.
  • Smooth Animations: Every page and section in the MoneyFarm template includes animations and hover effects, providing a captivating experience for your dashboard’s users.
  • Easy Customization: MoneyFarm uses global site classes, fonts, and color swatches, making it simple to tailor your admin panel to match your specific needs and branding.
  • Style Guide Included: Including a style guide page, the template helps users effortlessly adapt elements to match their brand.

Pricing: MoneyFarm template is available for $49.

Browse the MoneyFarm template now!

3. Artboard

Artboard – Admin Webflow Template

Whether you want to build an admin panel, dashboard, accounting software, project management tool, CMS, SaaS, or eCommerce platform, Artboard is the perfect choice for your needs. A classic admin template and UI kit, Artboard features over 30 pre-designed, highly customizable pages.

So, why don't you try this admin Webflow template to curate a well-organized and managed admin dashboard for your site or application?

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Design: Artboard offers 30+ pre-designed pages to build an admin panel for your app or website, including 4 dashboard variants, User Profile, 3 User Setting variants, 4 Payment variants, Inbox, Contacts CMS, Login, Forgot Password, and more.
  • Clean and Modern UI: The template features a clean and simple but modern design, making it suitable for any project and aligned with contemporary design trends.
  • Fully Responsive: Artboard's mobile-friendly interface ensures your admin panel looks great on any device, catering to mobile and desktop users.
  • Easily Customizable: Utilizing global swatches and symbols along with a copy-paste feature, this template allows for quick and easy customization.

Pricing: The Artboard template is available for $79.

Browse the Artboard template now!

4. Supply

Supply – Admin Webflow Template

Featuring four clear admin pages, the Supply Webflow template is tailored for agencies seeking a minimalist and clean aesthetic. Along with showcasing your finest work and attracting new clients effectively, the template enables you to create a smoothly functioning admin dashboard.

Masterfully crafted Supply offers a sleek layout that provides visitors ample space to view your projects, fill out contact forms, or read blog posts, and allows administrators to keep tabs on their website.

Key Features

  • Fully Responsive: Supply is optimized to be 100% responsive, ensuring your admin site works smoothly on mobile devices and desktops.
  • Subtle Interactions: The template incorporates small interactions to highlight specific website details while giving your admin dashboard a minimal look.
  • Customizable Styleguide: The Supply’s style guide allows you to personalize your admin panel effortlessly by adding your desired logo, brand colors, and typography.
  • Effortless Blog Management with Webflow CMS: Users can edit their blog without the Webflow Designer. In addition, they can add team members, assign authors, and create categories to enhance your blog's readership effortlessly.

Pricing: The Supply template is available for $49.

Browse the Supply template now!

5. SociaMetric

SociaMetric – Admin Webflow Template

A versatile and creative Webflow template, SociaMetric is tailored for social media and related fields like analytics, monitoring, and dashboards. The template is perfect for SaaS, startups, marketing, agencies, digital branding, software, apps, IT services, and technology websites striving to incorporate a seamlessly functioning admin panel.

In addition, SociaMetric features a perfectly curated collection of pixel-perfect pages, including admin pages, designed to showcase impactful content and monitor the site’s performance.

Key Features

  • Fully Responsive: Highly responsive Webflow template, SociaMetric will ensure your admin panel performs optimally on any device.
  • Browser Compatibility: SociaMetric supports cross-platform compatibility, guaranteeing a consistent experience across all browsers.
  • Always Up to Date: Built with the latest Webflow features, the template will continuously provide advanced features and functionalities for your social media analysis.
  • Easy Customization: Leverage the template’s global swatches to effortlessly modify the entire color scheme of your admin dashboard as per your brand’s identity with just a few taps.

Pricing: SociaMetric template is available for $49.

Browse the SociaMetric template now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What are Admin Webflow templates?

Admin Webflow Templates are crafted meticulously by Webflow to help users build an admin panel or dashboard for their web applications or sites without coding and in minimum time.

Q.2 Who should use an Admin Webflow template?

Any individual professional or business unit wanting to create a user-friendly admin panel for a website or app can use an Admin Webflow template.  

Q.3 How customizable are Admin Webflow templates?

Webflow provides access to effortlessly customizable admin templates that allow modifying its layout, font, color, sections, content, accounts, and permissions to fit the administrative needs of an app or website.

Q.4 How do I choose the right Admin Webflow template?

To create a well-organized and functioning admin panel, you should always use the admin Webflow template that facilitates user, dashboard, or content management, seamless navigation, sophisticated animations & interactions, setup support, etc.

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